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Southeast Asia Sceneries

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Mesh/Texture Scenery

Name Description Size File  
Southeast Asia Mesh Mesh Terrain for SEA 236 Mb SRTM Mesh Southeast

Asian Textures SE Asia Textures 110 Mb

Name Description Size File  
Korat RTAFB Major US base in Thailand during VN War (delete/rename VN War Project VTUN.bgl file) 114 Mb
Nakhon Phanom (VTUW) VN War version without many parked aircraft (replace file) 18 Kb
Lima Site 543 (VL54) Small Laotian Airport near Vinh 34 Mb
Lima Site 85 (no ICAO) Small airport and radar station high atop a karst mountain in Laos 396 Kb
Libraries (Install as a scenery)        
War_Military_Objects mostly WWII military objects 136 Mb
Essential Libraries many scenery libraries in one package 39 Mb
EZ Object Library Scenery Objects 186 Mb
Target Sceneries        
NVA AAA School Located SW of Vinh 9.7 Mb  AAA School
Kep AB Defenses AAA and SAM sites 18 Mb Kep Kep AB
Thai Nguyen RR Yards V2
(updated 18APR12)
Heavy AAA and SAMs 7.5Mb Thai Nguyen Rail Yards
Pilot Down/Raft Rescue An F-105pilot  is down near an island off shore from Dong Hoi, NVN 37 Mb
Than Hoa Bridge Strike SAM site protecting the bridge, bridge, flak and AAA sites 83 Mb Thanh Hoa Bridge
Hanoi SAM Site No. 7 SAM site near Hanoi 12 Mb Hanoi_SAM_Site_7_22Dec11
North Vietnam Army Barracks Base teeming with troops - located in Route Pack 1 SW of Dong Hoi 5 Kb
North Vietnam Train Targets
updated 16May2012
Two train convoys SW of Vinh w/flak 7 Mb
Noi Bai Airport Flak Effects Adds lots of flak to Hanoi's main airport 1 Kb
Hanoi Transformer Target It is already on fire, so bomb it some more! 7Kb
Paul Doumer Bridge
(Updated 18 July 2013)
Famous bridge over Red River in Hanoi 4.7Mb
Laos Vehicles Target A small enemy convoy 20 NM NE of Nakhon Phanom 4 Mb
F-105G Shoot down "Icebag" rescue scenery NVN by A-1 Sandys 5.5 MB
North Vietnam Flak Flak effects over NVN 1 Kb
Mu Ghia Pass Convoy at NVN/Laos border 3 Mb
NVN Vehicle Convoy N of Mu Ghia
2.2Mb convoy
Smoke FAC Target 4 Kb smoke
Dong Hoi
(18 June 2013)
Targets 10 Kb Dong Hoi
(18 June 2013)
Minor 4 Kb bridge
Plei Me Special Forces
600 Kb Plei Me
Plei Me (night) Use this one for night ops and disable day version 600 Kb Plei Me
Tonkin Gulf Ships USS Constellation battle group

at "Yankee Station"

2 Kb
USS Truman  Tonkin Gulf 2 Kb
Route Pack 6 Waypoints Low Power VORs 66 Kb Route Pack VI Waypoints
(flak, bombs, etc)
Place in FSX "sounds" folder 13.8 Mb ../SEA/sounds/
(flak, bombs, etc)
FSX Effects 17.6 Mb Effects  

Important: Download and Install all of the files in the "Vietnam War Project". Remove the .bgl files for VTUN and VTUW

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